Neumagen/Dhron - oldest vine-region in Germany
Here a few pictures from our camping-site and a site-map

Some pictures taken by our content visitors you can seeHERE .

When entering Neumagen/Dhron, you find signs leading you to our camping-site
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Site map

The size of the individual lots is about 90 square meters (about 970 square feet).
Electricity- and water supplies are sufficiently available.
These two pictures show a view of our Sanitary-house from the site`s gate.

Here the big terrace.

View from the Mosel-River
towards the camping-house
An arial picture of the site`s gate
and the camping-house.

Sorry for the blur, I think there were turbulences in the air.

Here are some pictures of the surrounding environment.

Kitegliding-site between Neumagen/Dhron
and Piesport