Neumagen/Dhron - oldest vine region in Germany

48kB Map showing Neumagen/Dhron and surroundings City-map of Neumagen/Dhron
When entering the city, you will find signs leading you directly to the camping-site.

Neumagen/Dhron is the discovery place of the famous Roman wine-ship and of many other items from the time between the 2nd and 4th century AD. This vine-region is known as the oldest in Germany. The historical importance of this place was revealed by archeologists and information was made available for our guests.

In the village-centre you will find a „Roman circular course“, along the replicas and information on the circumstances of the discovery of the originals. There are guided excursions with lots of information on the history and present time of the place.
The regional museum shows old views and photographs, valuable items from the roman times, and also old tools used in viniculture.

The vineship-fest is in the middle of July .
Guests from all over the world are welcome in the hotels, holiday appartments, private accomodations and, last but not least, at our camping-site. The region is doing ist best to please all visitors, be their interest for the history, the wine, or the beautiful romantic region on the Mosel river with all ist valleys and side-vales.
From Dhron, which is part of Neumagen, with its typical slate built houses, you can wander along the Dhronbach to Papiermühle. At this hamlet, surrounded by dense forests, you will find inviting restaurants as well as a cold water basin for treading, what already pastor Kneipp recommended over 100 years ago.