Neumagen/Dhron - oldest vine-region in Germany

Information for permanent camping-guests

To all long-term camping-guests, and those who would like to become one. 

Lots for long-term camping are still available on our camping-site, directly adjoining the Mosel river, for 2006. Write to: Campingplatz, Moselstr. 22, 54347 Neumagen/Dhron, Germany, or internet:






Deposit (not paid back on termination)


Seasons charge restpayment


Charges for garbage removal, water supply etc. (Approx. costs, final calculation at season end)


Additional long-term guests charge per person


Electricity kw/h




Day-visitors, children




The season for long-term camping starts with the beginning of April and ends with the end of October.



Tariff-rearrangements starting 2004

The charges for a lot include 2 adult persons, their own children and the own vehicel.

All other persons are visitors (even grand-children, nices and nephews) and have to be paid for according the above tariff.
Please register visitors upon arrival.
Additional vehicles will be charged for.

This year again, dogs are allowed free of charge, but must be leashed on the camping-site.

The embankment may not be used as a direct access to the camping-site and may only be used in cases of emergencies.

Self laid pavement-plates must not be removed but left in place upon termination. However, I can not be held responsible to compensate for them.
The place must be mowed by the camping-guest, and alterations to to the lot must be co-ordinated with me.
At end of season, the lot must be left in good and clean condition. There is no liability from my side for possible damage due to flooding.

The municipal authorities do not allow the deposit of any garbage or mowed grass along the embankment. For disposal please inform the office at the camping-house.
Please be aware, that the authorities will charge a fine from any person found guilty of littering!

Michaela Prinz